Pure leather vs Vegan Leather- Which is better?

When you are investing money on a leather product, you should know which type of leather you would like to prefer and why. The basic difference between the leathers is:


The pure leather is made up of natural material so it is flexible and malleable where as vegan leather can get too rigid because of the material being used. So pure leather are soft and more comfortable to use than vegan leather.


The material of vegan leather is more versatile than pureleather. It comes with a lot of colour variants and it looks much smother than real leather. But real leather on the other hand has a natural texture which cannot be created in veganleather. The natural texture compliments the design in such a way that it gives a advantage over the vegan leather with colour variant. The natural material gives out an odour of leather which compliments its overall appearance.


In terms of Durability there is no match between real leather and vegan leather. Real leather last for years sometimes for life time as well. 


The cost of synthetic leather is always less than the cost of pure leather. But when it comes to value for money in terms of durability, premiumness and feel, the pure leather takes over the vegan leather.

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